June 27, 2008


I have nothing to do, so for released my tension I making whatever la. I also don't what I'm doing here, just knock on my keyboard only. whatever come into my my head, I just follow it only. i don't anybody understand or not, I only do what i want to do.........

For make it easy, I think better I put my picture collection here. If anybody want to see more follow the link which I put it....

more, click here : pregnant man


Today, I feel so tension, so pressure and feel so boring to do my job. It's about something done about all work. My boss come to site and meeting with us, so all buddy here must come and listen what he talking. Just talk talk only la.. but we cannot say anything because he also talking and talking....

So, because my brain cannot thinking anything today, I just make a stupid writing in my blog. I cannot understand what I'm doing....just merapu ntah ape ape.... go straight, dont belok belok...
I put my picture collection la here...

more pic, click here :people can fly

June 24, 2008

training sepaktakraw at Kompleks Belia Bandaraya, Cheras

Today, in the morning only training sepaktakraw at Kompleks Belia Bandaraya. After take a shower, back to office and settle a few invoice from contractor.

After clear all invoice just surf internet. Nothing interesting la today.

June 22, 2008

training session for sport carnival

Begin from 16 June, I start training sepaktakraw for DBKL sport carnival. This carnival for games inter department in DBKL and I join in sepaktakraw only. This training start from 16 June untill 4 July.

On last Wednesday, after training I going to Masjid Alam Syah to perform solat Zuhur and take a rest ( sleep la..) for a few hour. After that when I want to going back to my office, my shoe was missing. Somebody stole my shoe la....What a bad day la......So, I use my sepaktakraw shoe la.. hampeh ......

June 10, 2008

body massage at Kampung Paloh Nyior, Telemong

26 May 2008, I send my mother and my wife to get a body massage at Kampung Paloh Nyior, Telemong also a place in Terengganu.  They get a massage from a old women (bidan kampung).
   While they got a massage, my child Dina take a posing

more posing here

going back to kuala berang, terengganu (my cousin wedding)

 25 May 2008, moving to Kuala Berang, Terengganu, my hometown for my cousin wedding. She is a teacher and married with a teacher, also from Terengganu (cikgu carik cikgu tu).

         I,m going back also for my mother because she's not meet my new born child, also second grandchild from me. Now, she have four    grandchild

June 9, 2008

my sister in law married

On 24 May 2008, my sister in law going to marry with somebody from Felda Jelai 1, Gemas, Negeri Sembilan. But that day is very havoc day for my wife family. That Tok Imam @ Tok Kadi do it again what he have done to me for a three years ago. He going to menoreh getah on that day la..can you imagine it. Tok Imam missing in action. My sister in going to cry, she so worry because her fiancee waiting from 11.ooam untill 3.45pm. But, that hampeh Tok Imam came at 3.45pm and settle that problem. Tak boleh pakai punya Tok Imam.

picture taken at the wedding ceremony

making 'aqiqah' for Nur Athirah Aisyah

On 22 May 2008, Thursday night we making aqiqah and cukur jambul for my new baby, NUR ATHIRAH AISYAH. For this function, we bought a goat for make a gulai kambing la and we own cooked it with our nice neighbour, Pak Din and family...

21 May 2008, going back to Kelantan

Today, I update back my blog after not doing anything for many days la....

On 21st May, after finish photo session at Bangunan PKNS, Jalan Raja Laut for Anugerah Khidmat Cemerlang DBKL , my family and I start moving to Kelantan.

After a long journey, we arrived at Felda Kemahang Satu, Tanah Merah, Kelantan at 7.30pm with only one stop at Kampung Mentara Baru Mosque before Gua Musang. Very tired because only one man drive only.