August 23, 2010

Fat Burning Furnace

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You Can't Lose Belly Fat With Crunches & Sit-ups...

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May 15, 2010

18 Mold 8x8x2.5 Paver Making Kit Including All Supplies

Product Features

  • Thick and strong enough for a driveway
  • Pour thinner for use as patio pavers or wall stone
  • Molds made of .060 industrial ABS
  • Use molds hundreds of times each
  • Save 90 percent off retail stone paver prices

Product Description

This kit includes all material needed to make thousands of custom-colored, 8x8x2.5 inch pavers for pennies each. They are thick enough to be used in a packed sand-base for driveways or patios. All that’s needed in addition to the kit are the bags of concrete mix and water. This Kit is ideal for a project where thick paver stones are needed to support heavy weight and traffic, as in a driveway. Or they can be poured thinner for a patio or garden path with pedestrian traffic, or as a veneer for walls. No special equipment, experience, or skills are required to make beautiful, custom-colored, stone pavers for your project--- just follow our simple step-by-step instructions. The Kit includes molds, mold release, sealer, concrete color, mix additive, Free Instructions and Free Shipping. Make beautiful stone pavers right in your garage, basement or backyard. Molds can easily be used 100 or more times. Many small stone businesses have been started this way. Larger and different style mold kits are also available from us. Now you can make handcrafted, custom-colored, manufactured stone pavers yourself, for about 10 percent of the retail prices in the building supply stores! Men and women from all walks of life have saved a lot of money doing it themselves - - WHY NOT YOU.


18 Mold 8x8x2.5 Paver Making Kit Including All Supplies

Nice product from Amazon :86 Mold DIY Drystack-Ledgestone Making Kit Including All Supplies

Product Features

* Make your own stone barbeque, fireplace, more.
* Make stone veneer for walls and home siding
* Molds made of .060 industrial ABS
* Use molds hundreds of times each
* Save 90 percent off retail manufactured stone prices
* Sales Rank: #277,346 in Kitchen & Dining (See Bestsellers in Kitchen & Dining)

Product Description

This Complete DIY Drystack Ledgestone Project Kit includes all material needed to make thousands of square feet of manufactured stone veneer for your home improvement and garden projects. Cover patio and garden walls. Use for stone-siding your home, walls or fireplace. Just add bags of concrete mix and water. No special equipment, experience, or skills are required. Kit includes molds, mold release, sealer, concrete color, mix additive, Free Instructions and Free Shipping. Use concrete or plaster depending on the application to make about 20 sq. ft. of stone per pour. Make beautiful custom-colored stone for your project right in your garage, basement or backyard. Molds can be used 100 or more times. Many small stone businesses have been started this way. Larger and different style mold kits are also available. Now you can make handcrafted, custom-colored, manufactured stone yourself for about 10 percent of retail prices! Men and women from all walks of life already have - - WHY NOT YOU.

April 18, 2010

Crocs Georgie Lightweight Waterproof Rubber Boots

Product Description

  • Brand: Crocs
  • Style: Georgie
  • Totally waterproof and extremely lightweight with crocs' signature comfort and support
  • Ideal for rain, sleet and snow
  • Circulation nubs stimulate blood flow
  • Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit
  • Loose fit allows feet to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue
  • Bacteria and odor resistant

  • Nice boots for Technician : Caterpillar Men's Endure 6" Superduty Waterproof Steel Toe Boot

    I found very nice boots for technician..

    Product Features

    • leather
    • Rubber sole

    Product Description

    This heavy-duty boot from Caterpillar is designed to take whatever your workday dishes out. Expertly constructed with a durable, waterproof leather upper, the Superduty features durable Goodyear welt construction and puncture-resistant steel-toe protection against falling and rolling hazards. Additional features include a generously padded collar for added ankle support, a removable cushioned insole, and a long-wearing, lightweight rubber sole that offers excellent slip-resistance on wet, dry and oily surfaces.

    Product Description

    Proprietary iTechnology™ construction for superior durability and comfort ASTM 2413-05 I/75 C/75 Steel Toe ASTM 2413-05 I/75 EH Electrical hazard Slip resistant Ortholite Anti-microbial Insole Waterproof leather upper to protect your feel from the elements.

    works vs study..............

    sometimes I feel works better than study but sometimes study more better than works...........
    but know, i think study is the best. I have an experience with study and work. I study for a few years ago, after that got a job. Experience with my job as a maintenace technician for 12 years. Do the same routine for everyday, sometime make me really really tension. I also got blood pressure with my works. After that, I make a decision to further now i rest from my job for one years and left my family for a moment to study back....i feel study is not so tension like work..
    that my's belong to yourself..with one is more better to you....................................

    March 30, 2010

    google adsense

    normally i know about this nice thing a few days ago, but not enough time to paste it i feel free, so i have enough time to put it in my blog...I already follow skill from this guy (Syah-A), it's really work..Now i waiting for his ebook about adsense....I attach an article from his blog... enjoy it.....

    Tajuk: Buat duit dari Google adsense dengan Teknik ini

    Program google adsense adalah satu program yang sangat menguntungkan. Ini kerana, melalui program ini kita mampu menjana pendapatan tanpa perlu membuat sebarang jualan. Melalui program ini, kita bukannya dibayar komisen iaitu selepas berjaya membuat sebarang jualan tetapi hanya dengan setiap klik pada iklan adsense yang kita letakkan di web kita.

    Selepas kita menyertai program adsense ini, kita akan diberikan akaun kita sendiri. Di dalam akaun tersebut kita boleh mengambil kod iklan adsense yang mempunyai id kita sendiri. Melalui id itulah google akan dapat mengesan jika ada sebarang klik yang berlaku di iklan adsense kita tadi. Cukup bulan, apabila nilai pendapatan terkumpul cukup $100, Google akan bayar duit kita! Best kan?

    Mungkin ada juga yang bertanya, bagaimana pembayaran dilakukan? Mudah sangat untuk mengambil duit anda tu. Google menawarkan pembayaran menggunakan western union. Ada juga pilihan menggunakan cek. Tapi bagi saya, western union adalah yang terbaik. Ini kerana kita boleh keluarkan duit tersebut di bank-bank tempatan dengan mudah. Macam keluarkan duit dari akaun simpanan kita. Saya sendiri pernah menggunakan bank CIMB dan Public Bank untuk mengeluarkan duit adsense saya. Saya dapat duit tersebut dalam 3 minit selepas berdiri di kaunter.

    Namun, yang menjadi masalah utama bagi sesiapa yang mengikuti program google adsense ni adalah trafik & harga per klik iklan adsense tersebut. Soal trafik tu memang kita semua maklum bahawa untuk sesebuah laman web bisnes tu berjaya (sama ada jualan, affiliate ataupun adsense), mestilah mempunyai trafik yang baik. Tapi selain faktor trafik, faktor harga per klik iklan adsense yang muncul di web/blog kita juga memainkan peranan yang besar sebenarnya.

    Sebagai contoh, jika anda mendapat 10 klik yang setiap satunya bernilai USD $0.02 maka anda baru mendapat jumlah keseluruhan USD $0.20 dari 10 klik tadi. Tapi kalau harga 1 klik yang anda dapat bernilai USD $0.70, daripada 10 klik pada iklan tersebut anda sudah pun berjaya mendapat USD $7.00! Anda boleh nampakkan bezanya?

    Nyata di sini, selain menumpukan untuk mendapatkan trafik sahaja kita juga perlu berusaha untuk mendapatkan iklan yang mahal. Tapi, bagaimana caranya? Adakah dengan hanya melihat senarai list harga keyword yang mahal dan kemudian memilih salah satu daripadanya untuk dibuat blog? Kalau itu cara anda, percayalah hanya iklan murah yang akan muncul. Sebabnya, orang lain pun menggunakan cara yang sama dengan anda. Akhirnya, iklan yang mahal akan pergi ke laman-laman yang lebih TUA dan OTAI dan iklan-iklan murah sajalah yang sudi muncul di blog anda.

    Saya mempunyai pengalaman lebih daripada 3 tahun dalam bidang adsense ini dan telah mencuba pelbagai cara untuk berjaya di dalam adsense. Kini saya kongsikan rahsia yang selama ini saya gunakan sendiri. TEKNIK saya menghasilkan blog yang membawa iklan-iklan adsense yang lebih mahal daripada biasa. Klik di sini untuk download ebook tersebut.

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    January 6, 2010

    take a rest and going to further study

    Start from 1st January 2010 (on new year festival) i decided to take a rest untill 11 January 2010 and continue to further study start on 12 January 2010. I got offered to further study (Civil Engineering Diploma) for one year course at Politechnic Ungku Omar, Ipoh, Perak. Whatever done i must take this offer because this is the last batch for one year diploma for integration diploma (for who have certificate engineering to get a diploma). So, i decided to take it and leave my job just for a momet. I also leave my family in KL and i'm alone (be a bachelor back la) in Ipoh for one year. focus is only for study...not anything.....must remember it..

    For a preparation, on 1-3 January me and my family went to Ipoh looking for house to stay la. I got it at Taman Cempaka with monthly rental at RM200 permonth. So okay la for two person only in the house with one bathroom. We also went to Lost World of Tambun just for fun. I'll put pics from that place la later..