May 20, 2008

14 jamadilawal 1429

I do not update my blog for a few day because I'm very-very busy la. From last minute function, my car was breakdown and need to replace battery, I must settle many job before I take a rest (cuti balik kampung maa) but I got a good news, I was choosen by my company to get a ANUGERAH KHIDMAT CEMERLANG for this year. This a very good news for me, but after I got this, many job come to me...make me very tension woooooo...

Start from tomorrow until 28 May, I cannot update my blog because I'm going to back to my hometown (balik kampung maa, ada kenduri kahwin la..). Today I don't upload any picture because I'm very tired la, so many job to settle it today.

May 16, 2008

10 jamadilawal 1429

Morning, inspection any defect at PPR Pudu Ulu (menteri mau datang ma, last minute tu, tensen gua ari ni).

Afternoon, solat Jumaat at Masjid Azzubair Ibnul Awwam, near my office. Today, DYMM Sultan Mizan (Yg dipertuan Agung) come here to perform solah Jumaat. So more people want to see her. I snap a few picture about it. See my photo below.

Evening, check little job at Seri Johor 4C and after that going back to PPR Pudu Ulu for counter check about tomorrow function. That job maybe settle today or tomorrow early morning. Alhamdulillah.

May 14, 2008

8 jamadilawal 1429

This morning I going to clinic for my baby appointment.
After that back to my office and going out for lunch with Mr Talha at ayam kampung velodrom, Cheras.
Not finish eat yet, suddenly raining so heavily.
After he send me back to office, I surf internet, read my email and update my blog, I found something like interesting. So, I want to share it here. If anybody want to know more about this, please click link below..

May 13, 2008

7 jamadilawal 2008

What I have done for today?

First, monitoring job for replace HDPE (rooftank lining) at PPR Pudu Ulu. Working step like picture below;

KLCC view from 17th floor at PPR Pudu Ulu

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Second job, inspection at PPR Perkasa. Repainting office like picture below.

May 12, 2008

6 jamadilawal 1429

This morning after breakfast I have nothing to do. So, I check my email and I found something intresting la.
If you want to know about this, just click here..

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May 11, 2008

5 jamadilawal 1429

I have not update update my blog for many days la. But now I do it again, maybe in short item only la.

I think nothing intresting la to share here. Only tomorrow I went to Asia Herbal Exibition (Pameran Herba Asia) at MATRADE. This exibition is together with Malaysian International Halal Showcase (MIHAS). I feel a bit disappointed because the booth here is more about halal food, not much for herb (bercampur aduk pulak tu, macam rojak & tak tersusun la).

So here I put some herb picture here.

Buah tunjuk langit
(rasanya memang pahit, saya terpaksa minum 3 jenis air percuma kat situ baru hilang rasa pahit)

get more info here:

-herb from Indonesia

-many people know about this herb

-herb from China. Very expensive herb. It is a kind of grass, like worm. The price is thousand ringgit just for a
few gram
-get more info here :

More picture from Pameran Herba Asia and MIHAS, just click here:

Today, I come to my office and make my claim (overtime claim ma, 4 bulan punya stok da..)
Nobody here right now in my section(maintenance). So, I do my work so privacy la. That why I like to do my tough job on weekend. Nobody disturb me.

May 4, 2008

27 rabiulakhir 1429

I'm not update my blog for four days la. So today I'm doing it again and do it just a simple la.

On Thursday, it's a Labour Day so nothing intresting about my job la. On that day I'm going to Pasar Chow Kit and UO Supermarket, just for shopping barang dapur sikit. But here I feel little disappointed because I feel like in Jakarta or Medan or any place in Indonesia. So many Indonesian la in front of the shopping complex (like selak indon baru jumpe pintu masuk UO Supermarket la).

Indon in front of UO Supermarket (buat semak je...)

On Friday, today is the tough day for me la. So many job and big problem have done to me la. Replace rooftank at at Seri Johor 4C, rooftank and subbasebent tank leaking at PPR Pudu Ulu la.
My boss ask me about this thing la and make me gelabah sikit because my timbalan pengarah know about this so fast before us (kena jawab la gamoknye kekgi).

Sub basement tank leaking at PPR Pudu Ulu

rooftank leaking at PPR Pudu Ulu

rooftank at Seri Johor 4C ready to install a new one.

On Saturday, just stay at home but at the evening going to Tesco Extra and buy some barang dapur la (burn about RM 200 jugak la). I feel shocked because price for rice so expensive la, ussually I bought it arround RM 18.00 but now RM 26.00 and that promoter told it become higher. So, I take two packet ma...buat stock la..

my new kid at Tesco Extra

And today, I come to my office to finish my job. Not more but make my place so serabut la..kasik clear sikit..