June 18, 2011

My new job......

May 31, 2011

My last day at Maintenance Unit, Housing Management Department.

Today is my last day at Maintenance Unit in area Sentul...because start from tommorow i'm transfer to new department but still in City Hall. My new department is Building Department..
Why I transfer...? I got a new job (not new but upgrade) as a Senior Technician (am I right).gred J22.....Because of that stay at my office for a full day today la...WHY.....


GOOD BYE HOUSING MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: i don't know this blog still relevan or not after I'm not maintenance technician yet.....

May 28, 2011

A Few Last Day At .....................!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I only have a few last day at my unit and department; Maintenance Unit In Housing Management Department...............Why...beacause I got a good news...I got a Senior Technician, from J17 to J22 lorr.. (am I right..?) at another department; Building Department. Start from 1st Jun I not in this department la....So, after i do a new routine job, not handle maintenance problem (so pening lo with maintenance...)....

Because of that, I'll start with a new spirit to work and new job to do. Hope this place can give a better situation....Amin...

May 5, 2011

roof leaking....

One of major problem for high rise building like apartments or flats. This one of my job to settlle the problem. This always happen when raining heavily.......wargggghhhhhhhhhhh...

Still waiting for a new one................

Untill now...Don't know how to do...Deffect come everyday but anything can do. Why...still waiting for a new contractor. So, when comments or deffects submit to us, what can we do.............? Nothing we can, just waiting...ask my boss...he said just smile or the standard answer I got from him is..."Waiting for a new contractor." I ask him back,"When..?'...He smile again or said don't know...
If everyday this things happen to you...how do you feel.....? For me...it's really boring & bulls**t...

February 28, 2011

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January 19, 2011

three weeks................??????????

Now, i'm back for work for three weeks but after one year rest to further my study i think i'm back at the wrong time la...why............? because now nothing can do with my routine job. With no budget to do, what you can do? Every day in this three week, come and leypark only...open internet to look at your Facebook but feel boring if nothing to do with that (FB is not my favourite site la). So, come to office just to punch in and out to confirm you're really come to office.
So, the best word to describe about this situation is..............


January 14, 2011

return back as a technician

Today is my second week as atechnician back job after one year be a student in Ipoh. I further my study in Ipoh, Perak at Ungku Omar Polytechnic (premier polytechnic). But I think this is not my lucky time to going back to work. Why...? Because when I come back, I heard and I found more the worst in my department. So, it make me not so happy to work again but, as staff here I have nothing to do about this thing. I must go through about this and must prepare to work with the hard situation. The very bad situation is, your have more problem to settle it but you can't do it. Because it is about budget, the easy word is about money. No money, nothing you can do...So, what you want to do? Just wait and see?...Just wait for the new budget...When...? the answer is not with me...It is high standard person to answer it...but we are on site must handle about the problem everyday..how can we do..?..Know, just come to office and chat with friends for a while...after that "gone with the wind"....or..the normal word is "mengular".....!!!!..